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Posted by paridhiartgroup Posted on Oct - 02 - 2016

Paridhi Art Group is an organization established in 1985 by a group of young and dynamic theatre artists with an avowed aim of promoting Art and Culture which keeps a society rooted in its rich heritage. In about three decades of journey to date, it has assumed the hugeness of a platform, being connected to which is considered a mark of honor. It ropes in all stakeholders of art and culture in one filial bond and has its footprint widening ever. Creating awareness among masses on different issues has been the constant credo of Paridhi.

Paridhi has organized a lot many events to rally masses around social causes and issues that impact their life. Some of the tools of art, especially street play, have come handy in creating mass awareness about any cause and have been very effective in bringing about a qualitative change in society . This has also served through time as stepping stones for many a budding artist. It organizes training programs for versatile artists and encourages them to pitch for greater heights. Paridhi’s circumference has become so wide that it can gather them around an issue just in one call. All artists under Paridhi, however big or famous, are willing to play their societal role as and when needed. Pardhi is supporting deserving artists by providing them platform and also harnessing them for social causes.

Paridhi operates in varied fields and serve various purposes as responsible citizens of society. We are always at vanguard of burning issues and make them people’s issues though our various tools. Various social and political issues that we have taken up and disseminated through various forms of art include corruption, black money, environmental crises and health issues.  Paridhi Art Group organizes seminars, KaviSammelan (Poetry Conventions), belles and street-plays based on social and political issues.

We have discovered that street play especially can be a very effective tool to hammer home points to masses that long and learned speeches fail to do. We have discovered that health issues need to be disseminated more through street plays than other forms. It is a very effective tool of educating masses to empower them.

Paridhi art group is dedicating itself for the promotion of different folk Arts of our country. To that end, we organize cultural programs and spread knowledge through education. Paridhi’s aim is to reach out to grass root and explore the hidden talent amongst youth and empower them.

Paridhi’s reputation as an omnibus organization of all manners of artists has fanned far and wide. Its issues are being universally acknowledged and society has started looking towards Paridhi for bringing about much needed change.


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