Ganga Avtaran Ballet

A musical and laser show of seventy-minute duration throws light on the historical and religious background of the river Ganga. The ballet tells the story of arrival of Ganga to the Earth. Once upon a time King Sagara decided to perform the ashvamedha yaggya. By a favour of Lord Shiva, he had two wives, one wife [ Read More]

Yoga Yatra is a 30-minute-long ballet introduces Yoga which presents chronological background of the spiritual, mental and physical discipline. About 45 artists participate in the play. Beyond regular proscenium theatre, the plays incorporate use of multimedia such as LCD screens etc. The play is written by Pankaj Narayan and it was staged first time on [ Read More ]

Samagra Kranti
Samagra Kranti is a brain-child of Yoga guru Swami Ramdev. The play addresses the issue of rampant corruption and black money. The play chronicles the 62-year-long journey of the country through the conversation between a grand-father and his grand-son. The play features seven songs. Samgra Kranti was performed first time on August 20, 2011 at [ Read More ]

Pyassi Ganga
Ganga has become polluted for some years now. A recent study by Uttarakhand Environment Conservation and Pollution Control Board says that the level of pollution in the holy river has reached alarming proportions. Things have come to such a pass that the Ganga water is at present not fit just for drinking and bathing but [ Read More